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Residential spaces are like people.The tangible body contains intangible spirit. The inner spirit determines the character and temperament of the space. Its existence is similar to a spiritual field.


The reason why a mansion is called a mansion is naturally not only because of its large area, but also because of its exquisite and elegant space decoration and the creation of a sense of life that fits the owner's taste and taste.The overall base of this case is high-grade gray, copper stainless steel runs through all corners of the space, and the low-key and elegant overall vision is a full interpretation of minimalist Italian aesthetics. Especially the copper elements are more sophisticated, taste is hidden in the details, and the charm of the mansion is diffused in this low-key luxury.

全屋秉承“less is more”的现代极简与功能主义的理念,未有多余的繁文缛节和华丽装饰。在此基底之上,为了让空间更有吸睛的亮点,项目团队巧妙地做了色彩、结构等的多维演绎。

The whole house adheres to the modern minimalism and functionalism concept of "less is more", without redundant red tape and ornate decoration. On this basis, in order to make the space more eye-catching, the project team cleverly made a multi-dimensional interpretation of color and structure.


The coffee table and single chair in the living room creatively use dark green with shading, which is calm and restrained without losing the novelty. At the same time, both the sofa and the coffee table maintain a low level, which not only makes the space look magnificent, but also makes the owner's living conditions more comfortable and leisure, whether sitting or lying or lying down, exuding a sense of tranquility and freedom.


Insist on integrating ideas into design, hoping to explore and present its inner spirit through perceiving and expounding the demands of space, so that it can inspire and integrate with the people in it. The project team is constantly exploring and thinking about the essence of modern housing. Housing is not only a shelter, it is also a place for human self-protection and a container for spiritual products.


I hope that in the prosperous Shenzhen city, I can create a residential space that belongs to his inner spiritual place for the owner of the space, and leave a quiet trace of time and vivid memories in the circulation of the four seasons year after year.


The elites living in luxury houses naturally have strict requirements on artistic aesthetics and spiritual cultivation. However, the real way to bring art into life is by no means as simple as hanging a few famous paintings and placing a few elegant sculptures. Space is of its own nature, and the creation of an artistic atmosphere is also silently immersed in the daily life of the residents by moistening things with little details.


The vases on the table, the flower arrangements in the bottles, the ceiling lamps, the geometric paintings at the end of the corridor, all seemingly inconspicuous and irreplaceable soft accessories are even rigorously selected into the space. The project team hopes to create a comfortable, fashionable and quiet space for the owner of the space, with the inspiration of a young city and the pursuit of quality by the elite group.


The movement is separated, the movement line is clear, the layout is rigorous, and the space is efficiently used. Everything is carefully arranged according to the owner's living habits and hobbies. At the same time, it maintains the natural integration and unity of the whole house, making this Italian light and luxurious life taste flowing freely in each functional space. The natural enclosure in the space is connected with the place, carrying the transparency on the spatial scale, and making the inner spirit of the space present a state of circulation of time.


This seemingly closed sense of space has more flowing vitality and spirit from it. We create a harmonious and dynamic relationship between space and people in residential spaces. This is the time precipitation and spiritual carrier of the space owner, or the inner spirit of life. In this spiritual container, people see themselves inwardly, and their thoughts arise.


The marble pattern of the dining and living room is simple and elegant, and it is self-contained, while the study and bedroom use more wood color, warm and soft materials. Round curved lamps, floor-to-ceiling windows, silk and knitted fabrics will give residents a sense of security and warmth. Feelings. Living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, bathroom, the function of the space shows people’s basic life needs on the one hand, and on the other hand it tests the project team’s insight and understanding of life, so that different colors, materials, and home furnishing items are needed to be used. Create different sensory experiences.


The grasp of the psychological state and the effects of the five sense experience are the most basic, most important, and most difficult secrets in space design. Sometimes I can’t tell what’s good in a good space. I feel relaxed when I’m in it, as if I’m in an ideal free life when I close my eyes.



The spiritual exploration of space in the center of the fast-paced city is because the overemphasis on the life of fast consumer has gradually alienated us from the spiritual world of returning to ourselves, and the spirit is the existence of Hengyuan and the meaning of life.The spiritual exploration of space in the center of the fast-paced city is because the overemphasis on the life of fast consumer has gradually alienated us from the spiritual world of returning to ourselves, and the spirit is the existence of Hengyuan and the meaning of life.












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