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一对90后年轻夫妻在这里展开人生下一阶段的甜蜜之旅It's like living in a home with a big piece of cheese

Secretly added sugar to ordinary days

Located in the bustling downtown of Guangzhou, everything is lit up at dusk

A young couple from the 90s embarking on a sweet journey to the next stage of their lives here



"A home full of healing faculties,

The designer built a late night canteen for me"


Unlimited public areas

with happy hour

不设限的公区 ·拥有happy hour

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At the entrance position, the semi-arc shape symbolically guides those who enter the house to sit and change shoes in the shoe changing area on the left, full of ritual; The ceiling height at the entrance is positioned according to the thickness of the fuselage of the central air conditioner, so that the floor height is as high as possible, and the transition between the two spaces is staggered.

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P. 04


Remove the original balcony and push the door, and integrate the space into the living room area, making the overall space more spacious.

P. 05




The curved light trough in the living room weakens the height difference of the entire platform of the original balcony; What is more special is the page-turning design of the wall, the form is unrestrained, the vision is light and flexible, and the visual focus of the original building beam position is shifted.

P. 06

温润的木地板+Ligne Roset的“脑花纹”贝壳沙发,将客厅温暖的包裹感升级。

The warm wooden floor + Ligne Roset's "brain pattern" shell sofa upgrades the warm wrapping feeling of the living room.


The elevated multi-functional room integrates a variety of functions such as office, book bar, guest room, and party bar, and also adds more layers and interaction to the living room.

P. 07


The round hole of the children's room uses the original box-type air conditioner external machine hole, which adds interest and expands the lighting surface of the space;

P. 08


The children's room and the multi-purpose room have each other's AB sides, and the sliding door of the bedroom can be closed according to the needs of the scene, and the roller shutter of the multi-purpose room can be lowered.

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 P. 10

P. 10


Laze on the soft sofa, just as the afternoon sun pours into the room through the blinds, sit here at leisure and enjoy a relaxing time.

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P. 12


Next to the living room, the migratory line formed by the bar counter and the dining table is the absolute C position in their lives.

P. 13


The semi-open kitchen, which uses flip-up windows and sliding doors to separate and close, also gives their family a "late-night canteen". After the kitchen renovation, it is more interactive, sitting at the dining table you can see the figure of the other half in the kitchen, and feel each other's presence.

P. 14





The free and casual atmosphere and convenient use function make the homeowner full of praise for this space.

Talking to them about the space on the day of the shooting, they said, "Friends can sit and drink and talk to the people who cook the food when they come to this party, it's like being in a late-night cafeteria." "The male owner grilled the meat in the pot and then went straight to the female dinner plate sitting at the bar, and the romance did not need to be bent.

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P. 16


The aisle that leads to the kitchen through the bar is also treated in an "arc" shape. First, consider the safety of the homeowner after having children in the future and avoid bumps; Second, the arc makes the space transition more fluid, and also echoes other curved walls in the home, unifying the design language.


Private area without hustle and

bustle · Have a relax time

不喧嚣的私区 · 拥有relax time

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 P. 18



Independent toilet room + shower room + washroom, drying is integrated, forming a small and convenient housekeeping area



The washroom is made of a whole large countertop, and the mirror cabinet can store all kinds of daily necessities of the owner; A storage box can also be placed under the basin.

Next to the bathroom cabinet is a combination of washing machine + dryer. When you come out of the shower, you can easily throw dirty clothes in, and the original small window position has been retained.

P. 19



The independent toilet room and shower room can take into account the use of multiple people without disturbing each other.

P. 21


The shower switch in the shower room seems to be conventional but installed in an unconventional way, unlike the traditional way, the designer designed the water valve switch on the plane of the niche, like the knob shift lever of the vehicle, bringing an unusual feeling of use.

P. 22


Push open the master bedroom door and enter the most private space of the home.

P. 23


The master bedroom also continues the overall atmosphere of the space, with a soft and relaxing temperament.

P. 24



Emptying is a rare state in a rushed rhythm, but for this home, it is the norm.

When I wake up in the morning, I can hear the birds and see the flowers blooming, and today is also a day full of vitality.


mentality of designing



After measuring the site, the design team transformed the high-frequency public area in both vertical and horizontal directions according to the wall structure, outdoor orientation, and the customer's lifestyle:

P. 25


The original apartment type is very interesting, with two independent doors, but it also causes the functional area of the apartment to be fragmented and less interactive. Combined with the fact that most of the time the house is occupied by two owners, as well as their needs for functional areas such as study, bar, and living room, the designer reorganized the entire space.


reformation design


P. 26

P. 27

1. 纵向










1. Portrait

1) First of all, we choose one of the two to determine the location of the main entrance, so that the large spatial circulation line is clear;

2) Considering that the whole building is a commercial and residential model, and the flow of people is large, we designed the entrance at the entrance to the house, which can ensure both privacy and the functionality of the entrance;

3) The bathroom has changed the traditional layout, greatly expanded the storage function of the washstand/also found a suitable location for the washer dryer that has no place to belong after the closed balcony; Independent toilet room + shower room, washbasin + laundry area are arranged in turn, completely realizing four separation, and do not interfere with each other.

2. Horizontal

1) Remove the partition wall between the living room and the study, kitchen and children's room, change the originally independent and closed kitchen into a semi-open kitchen, and add a bar counter, enriching different use scenarios;

2) Considering that the project is located in the central urban area of Guangzhou and the cars are noisy, the balcony space is incorporated into the interior with a system window to expand the overall public area space.

3. Style

1) With the keyword "cheese" running through the design theme of the whole house, softening the visual experience of the entire home, the simple lines are highly inclusive, and the necessities of modern life coexist in harmony.

2) No main light design, lamp holes and oval windows, reminiscent of small holes on cheese; The curved wall details make the entire space look like a "melted cheese".


设计公司 / 不合时宜设计

主案设计 / 柯辉、陈智超

设计团队 / 吴小倩

施工团队 / 堪萍(邓工)

项目名称/ 融化的奶酪

项目位置 / 广州天河·珠江新城

项目面积 / 90平方米

主要材料 / 木纹砖,芬琳漆,爱格板,大理石

项目摄影 / ALPDRI-业轩

· 本文由 不合时宜设计 授权发布 ·


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