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Recently, Annuo Xincheng Nursing Home, which was designed by LYCS Architecture, was officially completed. The project is located on Jiefang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou,the stair-like pure white buildings have injected new vitality into "Old Hangzhou".




Shangcheng District is the core urban area of Hangzhou, where the traditional "Old Hangzhou" is. The surrounding buildings of Daxueyuan, Gaoguan Lane, Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School and Hangzhou No. 7 Middle School were mostly developed in the 1980s and 1990s. In such a mature urban texture, updating the volume of a building of43164.8 square metres is like dancing tango in a minefield. Sun direction, city texture, and architecture volume are all worthy of careful surgical treatment.


The site was originally two office buildings of Zhongwei Industrial, it was decided to demolish and build a new building at the original site in 2014. On the basis of meeting the office functions after the renovation, the functions such as nursing home were added to seek more development possibilities, but the ratio between the two was not completely determined at the time



According to the urban environment and the owner's demands, the design team proposed the design concept of "urban stacking hills". In high-density blocks, new buildings are stacked like a pile of boxes, and gradually rise from east to west, forming a staggered terrace, overlooking "Old Hangzhou" and "New Hangzhou"


The design team did not adopt the conventional double main building plan, but chose the single main building plan, the continuous plane leaves enough room for flexible division of functions such as office and health care, and the sufficient variability allows the owner to deal with the unpredictable market more calmly. Facts have proved that this decision was a wise decision. Eight years later, Xuanze Building (current name) decided to introduce a professional medical structure, focus on health care, and become Annuo Xincheng Nursing Home.


The building form of low west and high east can effectively reduce the adverse impact on the surrounding buildings' sunshine, and also make the form of slab-type buildings more than 100 meters no longer rigid.


There are 6 landscape terraces on the 6th to 11th floors of the building, users can see the marketplace of the old Hangzhou city on both sides of the Liusha River, and the modern skyline of Qianjiang New Town from a distance, living in the busy city and estranged from the city brings a unique experience.


The largest 16x30m square and complete sky garden is rare in the old city, which opens up rich imagination for future use. Landscape design and interior design are being carried out simultaneously, please look forward to the follow-up presentation.


The urban texture of the old city is dense and small-scale, although there are stacked terraces, the building is still a continuous volume of more than 100 meters. The design team added a sense of hierarchy to the facade through balconies and vertical greening, broke the 44x111m building façade into 7 small-scale square boxes, the scale is closer to the community, which weakens the sense of oppression of the building.


At the same time, under the white theme color, different texture changes have been made to the curtain wall texture of the adjacent boxes, making the building more rich and attractive.


The overall shape of Annuo Xincheng Nursing Home is stable and grand, and the parts are exquisite and graceful, it is expected to provide a new type of health care facility for high-density urban areas after opening.


都市叠山 | 安诺新程颐养中心



面积:43164.8 平方米








Urban Stacking Hills | Annuo Xincheng Nursing Home

Location: Hangzhou | China

Client: COSMOS GROUP CO., LTD.、Zhongwei Industrial Co., LTD

Area: 43164.8㎡

Design Date: 2016/03—2020/07

Construction Date: 2020/07—2022/09

Architecture Design: LYCS Architecture

Design Team: RUAN Hao、Zhan Yuan;Peng Shijie、Zhang Baojun、Zhang Pengfeng、Liang Guobin、Xu Chunmin、Xu Mengjia、Xu Yahui、Liu Yuxue、Yan Su、Du Huiting、Xu Jing、Tian Shuang

Cooperative Design Institute: Zhejiang Modern Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Construction Contractor : Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group

Photography: Inter_mountain images—Cai Dachuan