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The design approach aligns with the university's educational philosophy of connecting people and encouraging serendipitous encounters, with an emphasis on transparency as the physical manifestation of openness.

以自然为灵感 | 现代主义诠释传统文化
Nature-Inspired Architecture: Harmonizing Tradition and Modernity


The Student Learning and Activity Center (SLAC) of Wenzhou-Kean University occupies the most prominent spot on campus—standing in the center of the main axis and interfacing between academic and living quarters. 


Wenzhou-Kean University enjoys an excellent location surrounded by mountains and rivers—Chuitai Mountain borders it on three sides, while the Litang River flows through it from west to east.

学生学习与活动中心的设计以现代主义诠释了传统的文化属性 “山水之乐得之心而寓之学也”——青山绿水,鸟语花香,自然中蕴含的潜能将被转化为灵感和精神力量。

Designing the SLAC translates the culture of “absorbing the lessons from nature” into modern architectural languages.


“The building demonstrates the changing role of the 21st century library from a place for books to a place for students. As an iconic heart of the campus, the design expresses openness and transparency while celebrating the spirit of student collaboration.”


—Zheng Xiaodong, Vice President, Wenzhou Kean University


The building rests lightly on the lake and horizontally extends into the surrounding landscape. The beauty of changing nature passes through the transparent façade, permeating the air as inspiration and spiritual joy. 


The light, transparent structure also offers unparallered view of the central lake.


As a distinct landmark and symbol of the university's ethos, the building houses such diverse functions as its vibrant activity center and the tranquil library, reflecting the transformation and evolution of learning spaces and empowering it as the central hub of student life.

垂直街道 | 自由交流的起点

Vertical Street: Energizing Campus Community 


The building’s internal wayfinding links with the campus’ key pedestrian pathways, which now ascend from the base all the way up to the top of the building, forming a "vertical street" that connects the SLAC’s functional areas.


Taking the "grand steps" as a typology, the vertical street generates different types of spaces that allow a variety of activities and social interaction. 


This experience is extended outdoors, evoking the energetic community atmosphere of the campus.

探索与创新 | 活泼的内部空间

Exploration & Innovation: Lively Interior Spaces


The interior, however, is revealed as a rhythmic and dynamic structure of interlaced staircases and functions that embody the spirit of exploration and innovation.


SLAC has three functions: an activity center, a library, and an information center. The lower levels are relatively public and active, while the upper floors are more private and quiet. 


The three functions revolve around the four-story high public commons, which is the core of the community and provides venues for campus activities, including an auditorium for large scale conferences, open theaters for flexible gatherings, unique learning steps, student service areas, exhibition halls, and a café that embraces great views of the campus.

力量与流动 | 逐层叠加的建筑语汇

Strength & Flow: Spatial clarity


The horizontal featured plates that expand from the inside to the outside form a concise and clear architectural vocabulary. As the volumes vertically accumulate, the structure’s ceremonial character is gradually reinforced. Canopies with transparent glazing are also functional, optimizing the continuous framed view from the interior to the exterior while also shading the building. Not only does the angled canopy create a glare-free diffusion of perimeter light into the reading area, but the thin edge establishes a sophisticated building outlook. In the evening, the building is bathed in light, and the transparent façade reveals the activities inside, drawing students in. 


"We envision this campus landmark, with its blend of Eastern and Western cultures, as a vibrant community where students can enjoy the scenery, meditate, read, make friends, perform, and play. This building is the answer to students' expectations of university life.”


—James Lu, Regional Director Asia, Perkins&Will

项目名称: 温州肯恩大学学生学习活动中心

业  主: 温州肯恩大学

建设地点: 浙江省温州市

设计单位: Perkins&Will

开始时间: 2016/02

建筑面积: 25,792 平方米

建成时间: 2023/04

设计团队:James Lu(Principal in charge), Hiroyuki Shinohara, Chen Qi, Zhang Siyuan, Li Jianping, Li Cen, Sun Yanfang, Joseph Huang, Natalie Seah, Jeff Stebar

合作建筑师: 浙江大学建筑设计研究院有限公司

景观设计: 泛亚国际

结构顾问: 浙江大学建筑设计研究院有限公司

机电顾问: 浙江大学建筑设计研究院有限公司

立面顾问: 迈进外墙建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司

施      工: 浙江省二建建设集团有限公司

摄  影: ©方方的田

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